The Story of Shapiro MD

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The Story of Shapiro MD: How Two Dermatologists Upended Hair Loss Science

After decades of scientific research, dermatologists Dr. Steven Shapiro and Dr. Michael Borenstein have revealed the root causes of hair loss, leading to the formulation of Shapiro MD’s natural haircare products to combat pattern baldness where it starts.

Infused with all-natural ingredients and science-driven solutions to fuller, thicker looking hair that helps to stave off hair thinning, Drs. Shapiro and Borenstein have proven that hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent.

The Story of Shapiro MD

Shapiro MD’s hair loss products are a result of years of research, effort, and relentless formulation efforts. Time and again, Borenstein and Shapiro saw just how detrimental – psychologically, physically, and emotionally – hair loss can be for patients suffering from this affliction. They dedicated years to product formulation, using naturally occurring ingredients, to create Shapiro MD with the belief that it is a customer’s right, not a luxury, to get the best.

With years of patient experience and clinical dermatology practice, Steven D. Shapiro and Michael T. Borenstein, both board-certified dermatologists, realized that their patients were not satisfied with the expensive, sometimes invasive hair treatments and products on the market.

In 2011, after five years of scientific research and formulation process, and several clinical trials on topical DHT inhibitors, they formulated Shapiro MD’s first shampoo with three potent natural ingredients to block DHT production. Since then, they’ve been improving and expanding on their hair loss solutions, and today they offer a variety of natural and prescription kits designed specifically for the wide variety of hair loss clients they see every day.

The Minds Behind the Creation of Shapiro MD

Dr. Shapiro’s 20 years of clinical experience in hair transplant procedures and other treatments for hair loss were critical to creating an effective and easy-to-use hair product for improving hair thinning.

Dr. Borenstein, who has a rigorous research background with a PhD in Pharmacology and years of experience in Dermatology studies, used essential scientific concepts and his in-depth clinical knowledge to create a potent formula for DHT disruption.

Both professionals used their expertise and profound knowledge to formulate the Shapiro MD Shampoo and Conditioner by blending three powerful naturally occurring DHT blockers in a sulfate-free solution.

A Pledge to Use Only Quality Ingredients

Shapiro MD brings effective and safe hair products to everyday Americans. Shapiro MD makes sure that only the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients go into these cost-effective and high-quality solutions. All Shapiro MD products are manufactured and sourced in the United States. Their gold-standard manufacturing process assures quality throughout production, and these formulations are protected by two US patents (#s 9,532,941 and 8,985,124).

Now, Shapiro MD also offers well-understood FDA-approved prescription products to meet the needs of their wide client base.

Triple Action Formula Infused with 3 Natural Ingredients

Shapiro MD’s hair products contain three active ingredients that have shown over decades of research to improve hair in men and women.

1. Caffeine
It’s no secret that caffeine is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, and a large number of people consume it daily through coffee and green tea. Several scientific research papers have found that caffeine plays a crucial role in inhibiting DHT production.

For example, according to the International Journal of Dermatology’s medical study, researchers discovered in vitro disruption of hair roots exposed to testosterone. On the consumption of caffeine, the participants experienced improved hair growth.

The researchers further revealed that caffeine stimulated hair growth. As one part of the Shapiro MD solution, caffiene penetrates hair follicles through the outer layer of your scalp skin and promotes fulkler looking hair from within, strengthening and sustaining hair follicles.

2. Green Tea (Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate)
Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate, or EGCG for short, belongs to the family of catechins- an ingredient that is naturally found in green tea. Catechins contain three phenol rings that carry powerful antioxidant properties. ECGC stops the production of 5-alpha reductase and mitigates androgen action by suppressing the androgen receptor gene in the body. Ultimately, this mechanism can improve thinning and provide fuller looking hair.

EGCG stimulates hair growth through its anti-apoptotic and proliferative properties.Catechins also promote keratinocyte differentiation while protecting hair follicles from radiation. The the in vitro exposure of hair to topical EGCG in clinical tests has shown significant changes for cell production.

3. Saw Palmetto Berry Extract
Saw palmetto is widely known for its holistic effects. However, only more recently have we begun to understand saw palmetto’s powerful effect on hair growth. The plant acts with anti-androgenic effects, and the berry extract is a non-selective yet competitive inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase, which is known to bind to the DHT receptor on hair follicles.

In a clinical trial, male patients who were given saw palmetto berry extract over a period of time showed a notable improvement in hair growth. Moreover, they took saw palmetto extract orally. Among the 40 men in this particular trial, 38% noticed significant hair growth, while 52% saw no further hair loss.

What Customers Have to Say about Shapiro MD Hair Products

The triple-action formula of Shapiro products has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women combat hair thinning issues by strengthening their hair follicles.

One of our customers, Maria, a 54-year-old woman, experienced hair loss due to medications and used hair extensions for years to maintain a healthy hair appearance. She tried several methods and underwent several treatments, but did not notice much improvement. After a friend recommended Shapiro MD, she started using the natural products and noticed significant improvement in her hair growth.

57-year old Eric noticed rapid hair thinning three years ago. As it worsened, his distress increased, and he lost confidence at work and at home. After coming across Shapiro MD, Eric liked the satisfaction guarantee, and gave it a try. A year later, Eric has thicker, fuller looking hair, and he says he hasn’t felt this confident in years.

Ernie C., a 61-year-old man, experienced significant hair thinning over the last ten years until he started using the Shapiro MD Natural Kit’s Shampoo and Conditioner. Within a few weeks, he noticed his hair was looking fuller and thicker. His wife noticed too, and Ernie is a devoted Shapiro MD customer to this day.

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You Deserve Only the Best Hair Loss Products

Whether you just noticed your hair loss and are looking for answers, or you’ve been dealing with hair loss for year, Shapiro MD’s hair products have helped thousands of customers move on with thicker, fuller looking hair. We’re dedicated to quality, and our 60-day money-back guarantee is there for a reason – we believe you’ll find satisfaction with Shapiro MD.

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