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Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle

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A common question we get asked is “What happens if my hair follicles are dead? Can I still regrow hair?”

To which the answer is always “YES!”

Hair follicles dying is actually a natural part of the hair growth cycle. In this blog post, we will dive into the different phases of this cycle, as well as show you how hair loss effects it.

First Up:

The Anagen Phase

AKA “The Growth Phase”

This is the phase where your hair grows, at approximately a rate of 1cm per month. Genetics determine how long your hair stays in this phase, which can last from 3-5 years. The time your hair is in this phase also determines how long it can grow. At any given time, about 85%-90% of your hair is in this growth phase.


The Catagen Phase

AKA “The Transitional Phase”

During the catagen phase, which lasts approximately 2 weeks, the hair follicle prepares to grow a new hair. It shrinks to approximately 1/6th its original size, cutting the hair off from the nourishing blood supply. This is the phase where your hair follicle effectively “dies.”


The Telogen Phase

AKA “The Shedding Phase”

Throughout most of the telogen phase, your hair follicle remains dormant, or resting. This phase lasts between 1 and 4 months, and 10-15% of your hair follicles are in this phase at any given time. At the end of the telogen phase, your hair follicle starts to regenerate with a new hair. This new hair then pushes out the old hair, causing it to shed.

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Unfortunately, hair loss affects all 3 of these phases.

As DHT shrinks your hair follicles, the anagen phase gets shorter and the telogen phase gets longer. This means that your hair follicles spend more time resting and less time growing. Eventually, the anagen phase can become so short that your hair follicles enter a semi-permanent state of the telogen phase, otherwise known as baldness.

Using Shapiro MD to “de-miniaturize” your hair follicles will cause the anagen phase to become longer and the telogen phase to become shorter once again. Time and consistency are the keys to success throughout this process, so be sure to stick with the program… especially after you start seeing results!

If you have severe hair loss and have added the Shapiro MD Regrowth Serum (5% minoxidil) to your daily routine, here’s a fun fact for you:

Minoxidil effectively causes your hair follicles to “jump” to the start of the anagen phase. This is why many report hair shedding when the first start using minoxidil. But know that this is only temporary, and remember the anagen phase is quite long and will get longer as you use Shapiro MD. So fear not if you use the Regrowth Serum and see your hair falling out – that’s OK, and that is an expected result. Keep up your regular use and within a few short months, you will be looking at a brand-new head of hair in the mirror!