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Eric’s Hair loss Journey

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Although Eric turned 57 this year, he has always been young at heart. On weekends, he likes to socialize and hit the beach – Jet skiing, water skiing, mixing it up with people often much younger than him. He also owns a small business where appearance is everything. For 38 years, he has been cleaning and detailing private jets. When you deal with elite clientele like Eric on a regular basis, you need all the confidence you can get.

So you can imagine Eric’s distress when he noticed his hair rapidly thinning 3 years ago. His once thick, full head of hair gave way to a large bald spot on the crown of his head. Eric was mortified, and of course, his friends didn’t help. Instead, they poked fun at him, reminding Eric that he was “getting old.” For someone as social as Eric, hearing those words made him realize he had to do something about his hair loss – and do it fast!

A friend of Eric’s spoke highly of his hair transplant, and although it was prohibitively expensive, Eric was about to take the plunge…. That is, until he saw an ad for Shapiro MD on Facebook. At first, he thought, “There’s no way that can work!” but after he saw Shapiro MD’s satisfaction guarantee, he decided it was worth a shot. He figured if it didn’t work, he could always get his money back so no harm no foul.

Thankfully for Eric, Shapiro MD did work, and it worked well. He used the shampoo and conditioner every day for the first month. Much to his surprise, by the 2nd month he noticed baby hairs popping out of his scalp. In his words,

“I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

He was so excited about his success that he reached out to us at Shapiro MD, sharing his good news over our live chat service.

After speaking to a Shapiro MD team member, he found out he could get even better results with just a few tweaks. He started leaving the formula on his scalp for 20 minutes with each use instead of 5. He also began using the leave-in daily foamer as a part of his morning routine.

Now, Eric’s hair is looking thicker and fuller than ever. And his confidence? It’s now at an all-time high. Instead of jokes about his hairline, he gets nothing but compliments. We’re happy Eric has had such a great success using Shapiro MD, and we want to thank him for sharing his results with us!

To Thicker and Fuller hair!

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