Shapiro MD a premium hair care aid

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Why Is Shapiro MD a premium hair care aid?

The Benefits of Us VS the Others

Contrary to the popular belief that hair loss is a function of age, hair loss often begins in early adulthood. In fact, the American Hair Loss Association indicates that 66% of Americans experience pattern baldness by the age of 35!

While most people expect to have thick, full hair all their lives, this dream is shattered by the massive prevalence of hair loss.

What happens?

As we grow, our hair follicles become increasingly sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a byproduct of testosterone. DHT binds to our hair follicles, and oversensitive follicles can shrivel and weaken. As a result, hair growth slows down, eventually leading to no hair growth over enough time.

How It All Began

We know how depressing and difficult it is to deal with hair loss. While there are many hair-improvement products on the market, Dr. Steven D. Shapiro and Michael T. Borenstein, both respected American dermatologists, found that their patients were not satisfied with many of the available treatment options.

Dr. Shapiro’s extensive clinical experience in hair transplant procedures (spanning over 20 years) and Dr. Borenstein’s rigorous research background, with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, helped them to come up with Shapiro MD solution. They set out to find effective solutions for blocking DHT at the follicle, the root cause of hair loss. After investing 10 years in product research and spending another five years in product development and formulation work, these two creative minds launched Shapiro MD in 2011.

Shapiro MD versus others?

Price is generally a reflection of quality, and we believe that our cost-effective solution is a great representation of the value. Consider the quality (and price) reflected in luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus. The price reflects the craftsmanship, and Shapiro MD is no different. Our clinical dermatologists spent years perfecting our formulations, and we believe that you won’t find anything else on the market like it.


Our Unique Formulation
Unlike many other products on the market, Shapiro MD is focused on providing a natural solution for your hair loss problem with no side effects. After years of scientific research, we settled on three naturally occurring DHT blockers and formulated a solution with a mix of these ingredients: caffeine, saw palmetto berry extract, and ECGC.

All of our hair loss products, including Shapiro MD shampoo, conditioner, and foam, are composed of naturally potent DHT-blockers. And, we take pride in the fact that all three products have no parabens. The products are cruelty-free with no sulfates or phthalates added.

  • Caffeine, saw palmetto berry extract, and ECGC fight DHT, working on hair follicles affected by DHT.
  • Each ingredient helps in a different way to counter the many factors governing hair loss and hair growth.
  • These three ingredients work together to provide the optimal balance of nutrients, DHT blocking activity, and moisture to your scalp, hair follicles, and hair.
  • We make sure to use each of these naturally occurring DHT blockers in a precise amount as adding more DHT blocking ingredients can cause a “reverse” effect and in fact make hair loss worse.

As a result, you get healthier, thicker, and stronger looking hair. Our solutions work for all hair types, so whether you have curly hair, straight, wavy, thick hair, or thin hair, Shapiro MD has you covered.

Patent Protection
We take pride in being one of the only companies in the world to manufacture anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioners protected by TWO US patents. There are dozens of copycats out there, and we’ve taken steps to protect this powerful formulation so that our customers only get the best.

U.S. Made and Manufactured Products
One of the many benefits of using Shapiro MD shampoo and other products is the tried and tested formula. Dr. Shapiro and Borenstein invested 10 years in finding the right mix of ingredients for the optimum results, and importantly, all our ingredients are sourced in the USA and formulated by licensed dermatologists.
Shapiro MD manufactures each of our shampoo bottles in the US only, with an assurance to meet gold standards for quality throughout the production process. You don’t have to worry about the dangerous chemicals or low-quality ingredients that find their way into overseas manufacturing processes.

60-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee
While our proprietary formula provides a nutrient-rich base for your hair, some people may find it an expensive solution. But Shapiro MD GUARANTEES that you won’t regret spending a little more than your ordinary hair-fall shampoo on our products.

You will see the effectiveness of Shapiro MD within 60 days – thicker, fuller looking hair or your money back.
We have confidence in the effectiveness of the Shapiro MD hair care aid system, and we back our claims with an “unconditional” money-back guarantee.

  • You can return the unused portion of any of our product purchased through our website.
  • You won’t be asked any questions if you don’t find our product beneficial.
  • The money-back warranty comes into effect as soon as the product is shipped from Shapiro MD’s fulfillment center.
  • Make sure to return the product (with a tracking number and Return Authorization Number) before the warranty expires, i.e., within 60 days of purchase.
  • You will get the hassle-free full refund of the piece you returned. You will only have to pay for the shipping cost.

Every customer has a full 60-day money-back guarantee. We want satisfied customers, and we’re prepared to back our claims, or your money back.

Take Away

We at Shapiro MD understand the nuisance and trauma that hair loss can cause, and we’ve formulated our hair loss products after years of investment in research and existing procedures. Our experts believe we have created the most potent, natural triple-action formula for DHT disruption on the market. It’s safe and effective, and our topical formulations mean more simplicity and less worry for our customers.

Our prices reflect our quality, and our 60-day money-back guarantee is designed to give you maximum comfort that you can try Shapiro MD risk free.

Shapiro MD changes nothing except the hair on your head… for the better.

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