Check out Maria’s progress pics: Here is her at her hairdresser before she used Shapiro MD… Day 1
Here is her hair after 15 uses
Maria’s Hair loss Journey

Eternally grateful…

Maria, a 54-year-old mother of 3, used to have long, beautiful hair. Unfortunately in life, people often have to make sacrifices for their kids. Maria’s story is no different.

As her kids told her their desire to go to college, she sacrificed herself by taking a demanding job. She was able to cover their tuition after much hard work, but she suffered an accident on the job that required back and shoulder surgery. To cope with the pain, she took a variety of medications over several years. These medications, combined with hitting menopause, left her hair a shadow of its former glorious self.

For years she used hair extensions, and they worked well. Eventually, she had to move on from them due to cost. Maria decided to let her hair be and she focused on trying to get as healthy as possible. She figured that if she could improve her health, her hair would follow suit.

The unfortunate truth was that no matter how hard she tried, her hair just didn’t seem to grow. Maria colored her hair, and it would take 9 weeks for any of her natural color to show through.

Fast forward to January of this year and she started seeing the ads for Shapiro MD on Facebook. She was truly skeptical, but her loving boyfriend of 5 years knew how happy it would make her and offered to buy it.

Thankfully for us, Maria decided to document her experience using Shapiro MD. She expected nothing, but found herself pleasantly surprised after just the 1st use. In her words,

“My hair felt different, it felt thicker and richer somehow.”

She thought that maybe she was imagining it but her boyfriend mentioned that her hair looked different – that’s how she knew she wasn’t dreaming.

When it was time to recolor her hair again, Maria’s hairdresser also complimented her on her new look. Even Maria’s daughter asked what she was doing to make her hair grow so well – she said Shapiro MD. In just a few short months, Maria has gone from a woman who would barley trim the tips of her hair to someone who’s proud of what she has up top.

Try Shapiro MD!

I do not shampoo and condition my hair every day so when I refer to day 1 and day 15 I actually mean the first time I used the product and the 15th time I used product (that’s why the dates are odd) I wore hair extensions for several years and finally decided over a year ago to stop using them and let me hair do it’s own thing and I got it to a relatively healthy condition with the aid of my hairdresser. Unfortunately, due to medications that I take my hair just would not grow and was very thin and lifeless. I’ve taken biotin supplements and they truly did not do too much for me (I am still taking them just in case). As you can see from the picture I’m attaching to this email, the progress is incredible! I take extreme care of my hair and try not to torture it with styling products or tools so my hair looked pretty healthy but would not grow! I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to use these incredible products that actually work!

Maria MartinezHappy Customer

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