For women, losing hair can be the ultimate confidence killer. However, with the right style and cut a lot of hair loss can be covered up! We are going to talk about some haircuts for women that can hide all types of hair loss.

Receding Hairline

One of the most popular and effective haircuts for women are bangs. Longer, choppy bangs are easy to handle and will completely cover the hairline. If your hair type isn’t suited for bangs or you just aren’t into the look, a deep side part can be just as effective.


Widening Part

There is a pretty simple fix to a widening part. You just change it! You can try flipping to the other side or you can move it over a bit. As we said before, a deeper side part is better at hiding hair loss.

Thinning/Bald Spots

When it comes to thinning and bald spots, the key is to add texture and volume to your haircut. Layers work really well because they give the appearance of thicker hair. Pushing your hair up or back when styling it can also have the same effect. 

Updos are another option for covering up hair loss, but you have to be careful with this one. Sometimes hair loss can occur because your hair is being pulled on too much. It’s best to not keep it up for too long and make sure the hairstyle is not too tight. You can also mix it up by doing a half updo style where only some of your hair is put into a small ponytail or bun while the rest hangs down. 

Don’t be afraid to cut it off! Shorter haircuts make your hair much lighter, which adds volume and makes the thinning on the top less visible. Different types of bobs paired with a deep side part is a great look that is fun yet sophisticated. An added bonus is that it can work with any hair type.

There are lots of great styles and cuts that you can play around with, but wouldn’t you rather fix your hair loss? With Shapiro MD’s  Natural Kit you won’t have to worry about which style will cover up those problem areas! You can not only stop your hair loss from getting worse but also regrow the hair you already lost.