The key to good haircuts for men who suffer from hair loss is to embrace your look! No matter which of these haircuts you decide to get, you just have to own your style and feel good in your own skin.  Of course, having a well kept haircut can hide some of the hair loss so you don’t have to feel bad about it.

A quick tip: Keeping your hair short and adding a fade on the sides tends to work best. These looks will require styling and periodic trips to the barber, but as you are about to see, they’re totally worth it.


The Peninsula

Jude law is the perfect example of this haircut for men with a receding hairline. It’s about an inch long all the way around so he has some length but not too much. He also adds height so his hairline isn’t as prominent.


Crew Cut

With this classic cut you can hide a receding hairline in style. Adding a high fade on the sides can keep your look youthful and hide a receding hairline even more.


Comb Over 

Another classic that is simple yet effective. You can use this to hide a receding hairline and hide any balding on the top. You can even spice it up by adding a fade or taper on the sides.


Spiky Top With Fade

 This is a bit of a youthful look but also quite effective. Adding height to a hairstyle can help hide any balding that is happening on the top. As you can see, it also looks great when the spikes are pushed forward.


Short Mohawk

This cut may not be loved by everyone but it can do the trick. Adding some height by spiking it a bit also adds a little something extra to this look.



This look and different variations of it is a very popular . These are awesome haircuts for men who want to want to hide any bald spots on the top. When styling, you can keep it a little messy or try it neat. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this one.



This is the perfect example of an old style being made new again. This will look great on all ages and hide any of those bald spots on top. Adding a hard part and well-kept beard like this would be the icing on a cake.


Buzz Cut

Many are known for rocking this look, but none more than our friend Jason Statham. Keeping it buzzed, maybe adding a bit of a fade if possible, is a way to embrace the hair loss without shaving it all off completely.


Fuzzy Top

When Prince William was in the earlier stages of his hair loss he rocked this style by keeping it fuzzy on the top to add some texture and hide some of the thinning.


Combed Back

This can be a great way to hide a receding hairline and any balding on the top or crown. You can also try shaved or faded sides to add some youthfulness to this look. 


Combed Forward 

Similar to the combed back look, this is a great haircut for men with hair loss at the hairline or the top.


Totally Bald  

You also can’t go wrong with the ultimate look that truly embraces your hair loss. I mean, look at Bryan Cranston here! He is really working this one.

These are all great haircuts for men that can help hide hair loss, but Shapiro MD can help you even more! Instead of hiding your hair loss why not fix it? With our Regrowth Kit, you can not only stop your hair loss but also get it back. Then, you can still rock any of these looks but they will look even better!