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January 31, 2020

When The Season Changes So Can Your Hair

As each season changes many things change along with it, but did you know your hair can too? The changes are very minimal and nothing we need to worry about, but they do happen.  The theory of hair loss related to the season is like an animal’s fur but reversed.…
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January 29, 2020

14 Plants That Can Help With Hair Loss

Most would agree that natural products are the best way to go. Why suffer from the effects of harsh chemicals that can damage our bodies and the planet, right? For those experiencing hair loss, this is a list of our 14 favorite plants that can help with hair loss. 1.…
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January 15, 2020

Is My Hair Type Making Me Lose My Hair?

Hair loss can be due to a number of different reasons, luckily, your hair type is not one of them.  The length of people’s hair plays a very small part in hair loss, but that doesn’t actually have to do with the hair itself. It’s really about the frequency and…
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January 15, 2020

Will Dyeing My Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Dyeing your hair does cause more hair loss than normal, but it’s not the kind of hair loss that you would associate with conditions like bald spots and receding hairlines. It’s most likely that your hair is badly damaged, too dried out, or it’s not getting enough nutrients. To better…
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January 2, 2020

Why Early Treatment for Hair Loss is Key

Why is early treatment for hair loss important? Though regrowth is possible, it's much easier to maintain a full head of hair with over-the-counter and/or prescription-grade options. So keep in mind, early intervention is key.  Hair loss is more common among men than women – and it’s often more obvious.…
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November 21, 2019

Is Finasteride Right for Me?

Is Finasteride Right For Your Hair Loss? Finasteride is arguably the most effective hair loss medication available today, and it’s also one of only two medications to be approved by the U.S. FDA. Ever.Finasteride is an oral medication that can help to slow hair loss, prevent thinning, and regrow hair.…
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August 5, 2019

The science of treating hair loss with Shapiro MD

Triple-Action DHT Blocking Ingredients for Hair-Loss: Decades of research has been committed to understanding the process and etiology of hair loss. Hair loss has been shown to be a complex process influenced by a number of factors. The following information is intended to provide a holistic overview of hair loss…
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April 15, 2019

Caffeine and Hair Growth – Nature’s Secret Weapon?

When you think of caffeine, you probably think of energy. The “kick” that gets you going in the morning, or helps you wake up for a night on the town. But what if I told you that the caffeine “kick” doesn’t just energize your mind… as it turns out, caffeine…
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Hair Growth Science
March 8, 2019

Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle

A common question we get asked is “What happens if my hair follicles are dead? Can I still regrow hair?” To which the answer is always “YES!” Hair follicles dying is actually a natural part of the hair growth cycle. In this blog post, we will dive into the different…
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Real Customers
March 2, 2019

Shapiro MD Client Success Story: Eric Van Bernum

View the results: Eric's Hair loss Journey My #1 Choice Although Eric turned 57 this year, he has always been young at heart. On weekends, he likes to socialize and hit the beach - Jet skiing, water skiing, mixing it up with people often much younger than him. He also…
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