Common Questions When Dealing With Hair Loss

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Common Questions When Dealing With Hair Loss

You might think twice before using any product that claims to reverse hair loss. And you probably should. Chemicals can be damaging to the body, and some shampoos/conditioners have been known to cause other side effects, depending on their makeup.

Unlike other brands, Shapiro MD’s shampoo and conditioner are infused with three potent and naturally occurring active ingredients, designed to provide thicker, fuller looking hair within weeks.

Shapiro MD was created from the ground up by two board-certified dermatologists, Steven D. Shapiro and Michael T. Borenstein, with years of experience and in-depth field knowledge. They spent almost 15 years working on creating an effective, natural formula to block a critical element of hair loss — DHT — with naturally occurring ingredients.

Common Concerns Regarding Hair Loss When Using Shapiro’s Product

Is Shapiro MD safe?
Unlike prescription products like finasteride or minoxidil, Shapiro MD has proven safe time and again. Our three naturally occurring ingredients have been used for years in the treatment of hair loss, though never in our precise, patented and potent formulation.

Some Shapiro MD customers have reported mild irritation on the scalp after using the product, but this passes quickly and has not been associated with hair loss or other side effects. For those concerned, an evaluation by a dermatologist may make sense before using any hair loss product. Our board-certified dermatologists Dr. Steven Shapiro, and Dr. Michael Borenstein, can provide scalp consultations for concerned customers.

When will I notice benefits with Shapiro MD?
We expect that after two to four weeks of using Shapiro MD hair products you will begin to experience the benefits. However, we recommend sticking with Shapiro MD for 2 months to see the full benefits and start noticing thicker, fuller looking hair. Discontinuing Shapiro MD’s shampoo and conditioners may lead to a reversing of the gains you’ve seen.

Will it work for men and women?
The best thing about Shapiro MD’s products is that they are formulated for both men and women. Let’s face it: hair loss isn’t just a man’s problem, and thinning hair affects women and men similarly. Our DHT-blocking solution is formulated for everyone.

What makes Shapiro MD different?
Unlike other products, Shapiro MD has received two patents for our unique, reliable, and cost-effective formula. The United States patent office has issued two patents on our solution, ensuring that we are the only hair product brand that contains the three precise ingredients above. Furthermore, we source only the highest quality ingredients to blend in each product’s formula.

These three ingredients — caffeine, green tea, and saw palmetto extract — blended in the formulation of Shapiro MD’s Shampoo and Conditioner have shown in clinical trials to inhibit DHT from entering into your hair follicles, promoting hair growth and making them healthier, thicker, and fuller.

Can Shapiro MD impact my hormones or sex drive?
Unlike other products that cause libido side effects, Shapiro MD’s shampoo and conditioner do not cause adverse effects. Furthermore, we have not received any reports from our customers complaining of decrease in libido. The reason? Shapiro MD’s shampoo and conditioner are topical products and work on the hair follicles, affecting your scalp and not other systemic parts of the body.

Will Shapiro MD affect my skin?
You might think that the product touches your hair so it definitely affects your skin. We have never had an individual report skin problems.

Shapiro MD’s shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-free and thus safe for color-treated hair. Furthermore, our products do not contain salt or other chemical agents that impact hair straightening or other treatments.

Why is Shapiro MD more expensive?
When it comes to pricing, our prices reflect our commitment to quality. Our products are made-in-America, and we use only top-quality ingredients sourced as close to home as we can get them. Our commitment to an all-natural formulation means you get what you pay for.

We’ve taken that a step further with a 60 Day Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with Shapiro MD’s hair products, you can return the partially used bottles for a full refund.

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