Strengthening Your Immune System May Regrow Your Hair

Hair loss and autoimmune diseases often go hand in hand. When the immune system is under attack by foreign bodies or disease, it launches its own defenses by releasing inflammatory agents. Unfortunately, these inflammatory agents can sometimes miss their target and instead attack healthy cells, such as those held in hair follicles.

In order to grow and maintain hair, the body needs to be healthy. When the body is fighting disease, it requires more energy than normal and it will start to look for additional energy reserves it can use. Hair is not essential for survival and as a result can often be the first reserve the body turns to. The energy that was once used to grow and maintain healthy hair is now being used elsewhere. The result is hair loss.

So, what can be done to strengthen your immune system? What measures can you take to improve the accuracy of your defense systems and take positive steps towards regrowing your hair?

Positive Steps to Improving the Immune System

Making a few simple lifestyle changes can have significant positive impact on the immune system and how it functions. These are all things that you can integrate into your daily routine easily and which involve a combination of natural ingredients and good habits.

Improve your immune system from within: Your diet can have a strong influence on how your immune system behaves. Taking in too much sugar, for example, can affect good immune system cells. Instead, pack your diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and opt for brightly colored varieties such as citrus fruits, berries, red grapes, spinach, carrots and sweet potato. These more vibrant options are bursting with vitamin C, zinc and beta-carotene, which are all very beneficial to the immune system.

Get plenty of sleep: Have you ever noticed how run down you can feel if you don’t get enough sleep? It’s your body’s way of letting you know you need to take it easy. Lack of sleep can make you more susceptible to infection, stress and inflammation. To boost the immune system, try to aim for seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Try to keep stress levels at a minimum: We all get stressed. It is actually a healthy reaction and part of what makes us human. However, chronic stress can have a detrimental effect on health and, in particular, on the immune system. You may not be able to remove stress from your life completely, but you can learn to manage it more effectively through meditation, mindfulness and exercising.

Get juicing: We have touched on the importance of a healthy diet, but there is another way you can boost your immune system and promote hair growth: juice! Investing in a juicer could be one of the best decisions you make for your immune system and overall health and vitality. Alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts and Brussels sprouts all contain silica and sulfur, both of which are known to prevent hair loss and strengthen hair.

Introduce friendly bacteria into your life: Not all bacteria is bad. Friendly bacteria, otherwise known as probiotic bacteria, can be very beneficial to the immune system and is fast becoming recognized as a nutrient in its own right. This bacteria can be found in a number of fermented foods, such as natural yogurt and sauerkraut. If the thought of eating fermented cabbage doesn’t excite you, you can also take it in the form of supplements.

Reduce DHT sensitivity: DHT blocking may be something you have looked into to solve the problem of hair loss. DHT is a byproduct of testosterone and can have a detrimental effect on the hair follicle. The body needs good levels of DHT and, rather than reduce levels, you will want to reduce the sensitivity of the hair follicle. You can do this in a number of ways, either by using specially formulated products or eating certain foods such as almonds, carrots, kale and cashews.

Add some beta-glucan: Yes, it might sound like an alien straight from a Star Trek episode, but beta-glucans are essential ingredients in the quest to keep healthy. In Eastern countries in particular, the healing power of naturally occurring beta-glucans has been known for thousands of years. Technically, beta-glucans make your immune system smarter and can raise your body’s response against certain diseases and infections.

Tackle the Problem Head On

In addition to strengthening your immune system from the inside out, a hair loss shampoo can help to tackle the problem head on from the outside in. Choosing the right hair loss shampoo is important, and it pays to choose a product that is backed by scientific research, proven results and the highest quality ingredients.

A DHT blocking shampoo targets the DHT that can cause genetic hair thinning and baldness. You should start to use a DHT blocking hair loss shampoo at the first signs of thinning or noticeable hair loss. The sooner you can address the problem, the sooner the active ingredients will get to work on preventing further hair loss and encouraging new hair growth. A combination of healthy habits and good quality hair-loss products will help to ensure your hair stays thicker, healthier and, most importantly, where it belongs.