Another common question we get is how long to use the Shapiro MD solutions.

We encourage patients to plan for 6 months of consistent, daily use.

We’ve got a “Pro Growth” policy around here, and 6 months is a great period in which to give your hair the upper hand on some of nature’s forces working against it (basically, the aging process). It’s the right amount of time to get DHT out of the way and encourage normalization of your hair follicles.

Part of what makes Shapiro MD so special is that it’s so safe. You’re not taking any ingredients orally, so they’re having less impact on the rest of your body. That’s why our patients avoid the side effects associated with other products on the market: like nausea, and changes to your metabolism. We don’t want to change anything EXCEPT the hair on your head.

Most of our patients see results within two months, but it’s good to keep on using the shampoo and conditioner for optimal benefits.